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Veterinarian Technician

My name is Sophie Barbaroux and I graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine at the UNAM, Mexico City in 2012. During the career, I had the opportunity to do some externships at the WCV, Wildlife Safari in the USA and research projects in Autralia and Mexico. After graduation I worked at Petco in Mexico City as a veterinarian. Currently I am working towards getting my boards in order to be able to practice as a veterinarian in Denver. In the meantime, I am helping out as a technician at Belleview Animal Clinic where I get to see interesting cases and improve my technical skills. My heritage is French and Spanish although I grew up in Mexico. I speak English, French and Spanish fluently. My professional interests include internal medicine,rehabilitation, holistic (homeopathic, acupuncture and chinese medicine), wildlife and exotic animal medicine. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking with my Boyfriend and amazing two dogs (Lumba and Mezcal), movies, concerts and exploring Colorado and the World.

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