Flower Essences

Do you get frustrated with your pet’s behavior?

Has your pet ever:

  • Gone to the bathroom in the house?
  • Fought with another pet in the household?
  • Become frightened during thunderstorms or fireworks?

Flower essences are a natural, very gentle method to help modify your pet’s behavior.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences use the energetic essence of plants to treat emotions and feelings. Dr Edward Bach discovered 38 of these remedies during his work in the early 1900’s. He found that by treating the emotional state and personality of his patients, their physical symptoms would often resolve. He thus identified a link between emotions, thoughts, feelings and certain physical ailments.


How do flower essences work?

Every emotion has its own frequency. Flower essences help balance and stabilize the energetic frequencies in the body, creating a state of peace. For example, vine is an essence used for dominant or aggressive animals. When these animals are given vine, they can feel more harmonious with their environment and will feel less of a need to act out or control other animals.

How are they given?

Flower essences are very easy to give as there is little taste. They can be put directly in the mouth or in the water so that your pet gets a dose every time it drinks. Flower essences will not have a negative effect if other pets in the house drink the same water.

Other example of uses for flower essences:

  • Honeysuckle – for treating homesickness and rescue animals
  • Mimulus – treats irrational fears
  • Agrimony – improves communication between animals
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