Pet Nutrition

The pet food industry has made choosing the best food for your pet very confusing. Label claims are often nothing but marketing gimmicks and not true nutritional information. We believe that a natural diet is the healthiest way to feed your pet. There are several different options to achieve this, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

The Raw Diet

1. The most natural diet is a raw food diet. Dogs and cats are carnivores – their natural diet is eating killed prey in the wild. Now, we are not suggesting that our pets should have to hunt for their meals, but there are some real advantages to feeding raw meat, fat and bones, supplemented with vegetable and limiting grains in the diet. Nutrients are destroyed by the high temperature processing of commercial pet foods. In addition, raw foods contain natural enzymes that aid in the digestive process. Pets fed raw diets will have healthier immune systems and be less likely to get sick. They will also be less susceptible to allergies, skin and dental disease, and food sensitivities. Ask us for more information on the benefits of this type of diet or recipes and diet plans.

2. If preparing raw meals for your pet is not appealing, there is another option that will provide many of the same benefits. We offer a pre-packaged frozen raw food diet that merely has to be divided into the appropriate portions. It is recommended that you still supplement with some raw bones and a vitamin supplement. You will pay a little for the convenience, but much of that will be returned in the good health of your pet.

3. To get used to feeding raw food to your pet, you can also begin by adding small amounts of raw meat the diet you are feeding now. This will allow your pet to adjust to the change and begin to benefit from eating raw foods. We will be happy to help with designing a meal plan for your pet.

Healthy Kibble

1. If convenience is a must and the thought of feeding your pet raw food just doesn’t click, we do sell very high quality, human grade, organic commercial diets that are still much healthier for your pet than the average grocery store pet food. Ask us for more information or to try some free samples of the diets we sell here!

2. When choosing a healthy kibble for your pet, it is important to read the ingredient list on the back of the bag. Look for dry food that does NOT contain wheat, corn, or soy, and try to find gluten-free diets, if possible. The least amount of grain in a diet, the better it is for your pet!

Watch Dr. Jasek talk about the benefits of feeding your pet in a more natural way

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