Detoxification is the process of aiding the body in eliminating unwanted and potentially harmful substances. These can be environmental, such as those in the air or water; those ingested in the diet; or those given medically.

Vaccines have adverse effects due to the nature of their administration and other chemicals they contain that are used as preservatives or carriers. Most vaccines are injected. Most diseases enter the body through an orifice such as the mouth or nose. Vaccines, therefore, expose the body to an antigen in a way that bypasses the normal immune response. The immune system cannot respond properly, so it responds abnormally, often resulting in an inflammatory response somewhere in the body. This may result in some components of the vaccination getting stuck in the body and not eliminated at all, thus perpetuating the inflammatory response. Inflammatory diseases of this nature may present in different areas of the body including skin, intestinal tract, urinary tract, nervous system, and blood.

Detoxification aids the body in eliminating the stuck components and can thus help resolve the inflammatory response and helping to clear symptoms.

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