Homeopathy was discovered in 1796 by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. Conventional treatments of the time were harsh, consisting of things such as bloodletting, blistering, and leeches. Dr Hahnemann strove to find a gentler means of healing the body.

Homeopathic pet and animal care (veterinary homeopathy) is an extension of this body of knowledge.

Homeopathic treatments are based on the principle of “like” treats “like”. For example: Cinchona bark contains quinine which is a known cure for malaria. Dr Hahnemann ingested the bark himself and it simulated symptoms of malaria. He then began to dilute the organic substance to minimize its primary effect and found that with each dilution, the compound became more effective at fighting disease, rather than causing symptoms.

Every being has a vital force or self-healing response. Disease happens when the vital force is out of balance. It is not measurable by traditional standards, but is more of an energetic part of the being. When you or your pets have off days, with no specific symptoms, it is because your vital force is out of balance. It includes both the emotional and physical parts of the being. Homeopathic remedies help balance the vital force, which allows the healing process to proceed.

Some forms of homeopathy that we use:


Nosodes are homeopathic alternatives to traditional vaccinations. They are made from dilute formulations of disease-causing organisms from an infected animal. They differ from traditional vaccines in that they do not stimulate measurable antibody levels, but work on a deeper, energetic level. They decreases the susceptibility of the vital force to the disease. Nosodes work best in the face of exposure, but can be used in advance.


Homotoxicology is the use of homeopathic remedies in various combinations to affect certain stages of the pet healing process. These remedies will detoxify and support the systems in the body that are necessary to heal your pet. Chronic or long-standing disease may require treating many different body systems in order to initiate the healing process. This process may take weeks or months to reach our end result; but this is truly healing, not just treating symptoms. The remedies are given in either the injectable or oral form and will be adjusted throughout the process to fit the needs of your pet.

These are a combination of formulas that combine multiple homeopathic remedies in each formula. They are great for detoxifying the body. Remedies can be given orally, or injected for an enhanced effect.

Factors that will affect the outcome of treatment:

  • A pet that is on an inappropriate diet will not respond well to homeopathic medicine
  • Environmental toxins can limit efficacy of homeopathic treatment – this is why detoxification is so important
  • Physical adjustments such as chiropractic care or acupuncture must be performed if necessary in order for treatment to be successful