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Maggie & Maryann Morrow

I first learned of Dr Holmberg when a friend’s dog was diagnosed with two months to live by a very well known Vet’s office. She sought a 2nd opinion from Dr Holmberg who prescribed a treatment regimen that allowed Robbie to live two more quality years.

I have a very high maintenance dog Molly (just like her Mom LOL!!)  I knew Dr Holmberg would give her the attention she needed.  He has taken care of Molly since she was two years old and I credit him for keeping her a healthy, young 12 year old.  He makes everyone feel special, pets and parents!

For example Molly has terrible allergies and was scratching herself raw.  Dr H suggested some blood tests to determine what the allergens were.  He recommended we try allergy shots, but with full disclosure  that they may not bring relief.  Fortunately they worked, but I’m convinced that if they hadn’t he would have found an alternative remedy!!

That said Dr Holmberg is never quick to prescribe medications and has a more holistic approach.

There have been many times (trust me MANY TIMES) that I have had to call Dr Holmberg with concerns and questions. He is always prompt to call me back and never makes me feel like I am bothering him, he is so special.

I don’t know what I would do with out him, Molly doesn’t either.  We both think Dr Holmberg is the greatest Veterinarian in the world!!

MaryAnne Morrow

Expertise with a Passion for Pets and Owners

I have had only positive experiences with Dr. Holmberg. He has a high level of knowledge when diagnosing, prescribing and treating our family dog, Lisieux. In addition to his excellent technical skills as a veterinarian, he has also taken a keen interest in our pet along with any related questions that we might have. One can easily see that he is genuine about providing the best experience for pets and owners alike!

Kerry Swanson
2017-07-17 20:51:30

Jackson, Maggie and Lestat

Our furry babies – the cat Lestat and two little Schnauzers Jackson and Maggie – have been patients of Dr. Holmberg for over 11 years. Lestat is now 18 years old and continues being a very active mischieving cat doing just phenomenal for his senior years.

Jackson came to our family almost 11 years ago as an adorable 8-week old pup – and had fallen in love with Dr. Holmberg and his team ever since his first puppy wellness evaluation (well he is still not sure about that “little accident” when he left Dr. Holmberg missing some essential male parts of his body). Jackson has been definitely an easy patient over the years – that is until 2 years ago, when, during his regular wellness check-up, Dr. Holmberg called my office to tell me he does not like the appearance one of the anal glands during the routine examination. He asked me to take a tissue sample for histology – and next day the result came back as a highly aggressive rectal cancer (adenocarcinoma). Dr. Holmberg literally saved Jackson’s life by an early diagnosis, not leaving any tiny details, referring us the same week to the oncology and surgery team at the VRCC. Jackson had a successful surgery less that a week after his “accidental” diagnosis, followed by a radiation treatment – and now, 2 years later, he is doing phenomenal and in complete remission – all thanks to Dr. Holmberg.

Finally, our old lady Maggie is a very special patient of Dr. Holmberg. We adapted her from the Schnauzer Rescue of Colorado 6 years ago – as a very neglected, completely blind, old 9-year Schnauzer. She was in a very rough shape – almost no fur from poor nutrition, highly obese from countless pregnancies and luck of exercise, arthritic pain, with the chronic ear infection. You would not recognize our Maggie now, 6 years under the ongoing care of Dr. Holmberg – an adorable and energetic 15-year old Schnauzer, with a beautiful white/silver hair, no arthritis thanks to fish oil, anti-inflammatory medication, diet and exercise, no ear infection (Dr. Holmberg literally tried each and every antibiotic available and had finally succeed!). And – following Dr. Holmberg’ recommendation, Maggie had an eye surgery at the VRCC (cataract removal) – and her vision has been restored for over 6 years now!

Jackson, Maggie and Lestat are sending their love to Dr. Holmberg thanking him for all he has done for them – and we are looking for our next Belleview Clinic visit.

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